PC list 

Category 1: Apple computers

Apple Imac desktop (mid-range)

Apple Macbook Pro laptop (full size)

*with Paralles software so you can run Microsoft Windows on your Mac! upon request.

Category 2: IBM compatible desktop computers

Systemax or Lenovo all-in-one business (or home) desktop touchscreen PC (mid-range)

Business desktop PC (PC only or COMPLETE PC SYSTEM!) (mid-range)

Desktop Ultimate Gamer PC (PC only or COMPLETE PC SYSTEM!) (full tower)

Desktop Multi-Media PC (PC only or COMPLETE PC SYSTEM!) (mid-tower)

Custom desktops also.

Call or email for latest pricing. Will give a call back (or email back).









Laptops/Tablet PCs

Lenovo (IBM) Thinkpad Twist Ultrabook (11"-14" sizes; laptop/tablet)

Sony VAIO Ultrabook (11"-14" sizes; laptop/tablet)

Toshiba Satellite laptop (15.6" size)

Azend or other off-brand 10" internet tablet PC



Note about video/graphic circuit cards:

-Internal (attached to a processor) video cards are great for both CAD (non-game apps) and PC games. Usually Intel makes this and is unbiased. They have no memory as they use the system memory (RAM) instead, but don't have the problems that gaming cards have with CAD. Workstation video cards have problems with high-end PC games. Workstation  or multi-tasking PCs should use this so they are not limiting themselves to only CAD or games.

-AMD Radeon video cards are great for everything but CAD. They have picking problems or other visual display problems in some CAD programs. So if you never are going to use CAD software get this type of card. Some games are much faster with use of this card.

I only recommend those two setups. Rarely Nvidia or any type of dedicated workstation graphics cards.











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