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Other links (non-computer related links): <FREE translation! 50+ different languages. A service of <English dictionary. It's free. <Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. Good site with tons of topics covered. <Top 10 happy nations. <Movies, TV, & Celebrities. Information website for movies (& times), TV (& showtimes), and celebrities. <personally recommended! Discount travel deals. Easy website system. More discounted travel options (different hotels and flights). Easy toll free phone number at the top of the screen. Also, offers an affordable 'travel phone'. <offers affordable 'trip protection'. <easy website layout. Cheap prices, but may get you a travel deal with a hostile (shared hotel) for a hotel. Just be sure and check out all the information that they give you. <SAVE up to 75% off of prescription drugs! In USA only. FREE card/plan. <Send and receive real money securely online. Free to sign up and have an account. Allows for credit card use. <Western Union. Fast money transfers. <Amazon has the world's largest online catagorie listings. Mostly known for (digital, paperback, and hardback) books and ebook-readers. Good rating system that makes business that much better. <The world's online marketplace. Well, one of them. It's the popular one. <FREE auction/store site! TOTALLY FREE! Really, everything except for one thing. Small fee for seller verification. <Submit Start is a website submission tool for brand new websites/domains that have just been created. <FREE credit score, they use TransUnion. Also, they offer credit advice. <Low cost background checks. First one's free (promotional). <U.K. Photo studio. Seems to be a very productive place. <Mexican Axolotl. It can regrow missing limbs, parts of its brain, and even make new neurons!  <Calorie Count is a great place for nutrition facts about 250,000 different foods. Very useful for foods you find without a label at the store!  <Special Thanks to Instant B-fast for helping me gain needed weight and maintain good overall health! Through the many yrs. I've been drinking it with glasses of milk and I highly recommend this product! Thumbs up Carnation / Nestle!!! <Special Thanks to Fred F. Ferri MD for authoring the book 'Practical Guide to The Care of the Medical Patient'. This is a medical website which is VERY technical, but does contain some practical knowledge. <Best for their superior sub-zero coats they call jackets that have a neat liner in them. Some of their coats can be comfortably worn in freezing cold -15 deg. F weather! They have reasonable prices, different clothing, and sizes such as kids, women, men, big, & small. <Special Thanks to their 8 lb. book which they call their FREE catalog. This is a BIG Industrial supply company. Useful for people in HVAC, electricians, welders, carpenters, plumbers, and janitors. I find their tools, powered or unpowered, to be the most useful along with their lighting section. <Consumer Reports. An expert, independent, non-profit organization that has tested products since 1936. <Top Ten Reviews. All sorts of product reviews. <And the one sin that illudes most modern day people is 'the spirit of
contention' or better known as rivalry. People need to remember to work together, NOT against each other.. even for fun. Whoever made the term 'funny bone' and the evil idea that when someone hits their elbow and says
'ow!' to laugh at them, probably went to hell. <Special Thanks to 'The MacArthur Study Bible' and it's extensive insight into most verses throughout the whole Bible! <Annie Mincey is a recommended Georgia state realtor with many years experience. A prior customer of mine also. Zillow is a good website to find many different real estate listings throughout the U.S.A.  <FOR THE LOST: Mr. Gatto's lessons/sayings. 

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