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Kevin Eidsmore (owner/manager)

Phone: 1 (386) 627-0844
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 Search Engines: <unique search results.

 Software sites: for FREE software, downloadable, virus free. Some software has virus programs, but it is clearly noted when the downloadable file might have a virus (this is rare). You can select your language. Great site! <English <Breakaway Audio Enhancer. I have this; highly recommended! It mostly focuses on increasing bass levels and quality, but has a bit of high and mid sound enhancement as well. Ability to adjust the sound any way you'd like it to be. Works with any speaker system. Excellent! <Nova Development. A software company providing a wide range of software. Popular ones are Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac (run Windows on your Apple Mac!) and SafeEyes Parental Control Suite. <CNET ; free software downloads and reviews. CNET is an industry leader in reviews related to computer hardware and software. <Broderbund software company. Has a large variety of software types. <SoftwareMedia is a discount software company that is a trusted Microsoft Partner and VMWARE partner. Has a limited inventory of software for both business and end consumers. <Software store is a website with business, education, multimedia, hobbies, design, reference, and utilities types of software for sale. <Cyberlink software for media on PC. Popular and recommended programs are PowerDVD for good DVD playback and YouCam for webcam recording. <Adobe Systems Incorporated. Well known for Adobe Reader software for Adobe documents and Adobe Photoshop for photo editing. <Microsoft Corporation. Well known for Windows OS and Office software programs. Windows is installed on every desktop computer (besides Apple PCs) Thetaplex PC sells. <Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software. Installed on every desktop (besides Apple PCs) computer Thetaplex PC sells. <Award winning professional antivirus! And other small to medium sized software products. They've been around for many years. I recommend ONLY the light (doesn't slow down your PC) software called Norton Internet Security. Don't buy the 360 product for sure. Microsoft Windows always has the best built-in antivirus these days, unlike in the 1990's. <Bitdefender Antivirus Software. I have this; highly recommended. Runs in the background; runs in memory (lower right corner icon in Windows). Doesn't slow down my PC at all. FREE version almost as good as paid, which I have. I've had no problems with this software. <Malwarebytes. Anti-Malware and internet security software. FREE version is almost as good as the paid version, which I have. Recommended product, just be warned: don't just erase everything they recommended you to, under 'suspicious' software scan results. Go through the results yourself and be careful what you decide to delete. I recommend not deleting the file if you don't know what it is, UNLESS it is a virus and/or official malware under the tag. Other than it telling me to delete good files, I haven't had any problems with this software. <Comodo Dragon. It is a web browser that has extremely high security in a good way. I have this and it often blocks bad websites I might go to. <Most recommended product: Razer Game Booster speeds up your games by temporarily taking programs out of RAM (system memory)! Online or offline. FREE! <SoftPerfect RAMDisk. It is a FREE software program/app that speeds up your PC by increasing the use of your system memory (RAM). Load a program in RAM. Uses RAM, so have a lot of memory (at least 8GB). NOTE: If you have a SSD, like I do, then don't get this as it's a total waste since an SDD is just as high performing as a virtual drive (one that uses RAM). < Make your own music! Great program a past friend of mine once had in 1999 or so. I saw him use it and it looked fairly easy. Still great! Custom notes and different notes too. You can make new music OR edit existing music. Some instuments you can plug into your PC and input the music data while you play (MIDI files). <Intel XTU software. Extreme Tuning Utility allows the user to adjust specific desktop PC hardware speeds such a the CPU speed and GPU speed. Usually used for over ( OC ) clocking. <Intel desktop PC BIOS (boot/start-up) software. Used to adjust computer hardware and start-up settings easier in a visually appealing way. <Avanquest makes this software called WebEasy Professional 10. Makes websites for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices with a drag-and-drop user interface.

 Apps for smartphones, tablet PCs & more:

^Google Apps for Business ; G Suite. Helps productivity in businesses with more than about 10 workers. <Apple computer's Itunes. Music downloads. Also, TV shows & movies are for rent or purchase. <Google TV & Android apps. Android is the OS on a lot of tablet PCs.

^Google Chrome Apps or 'extensions'. Chrome is a web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer. There are speed advantages using Chrome and very useful apps IE doesn't have. <Link Bubble. Like using tabs in a normal web browser. <Google Voice Search APP. Voice recognition for mobile devices. <Touch screen painting software by Corel Corporation. <Uber is a P2P (person to person) APP that connects you to low cost taxi or limo drivers. Really, a personal driver (not taxi; their own car). Drivers are on file with Uber and get reviews, so take advantage of those reviews. <Lyft offers Uber like discount taxi-like service, but with them you can see who is going to pick you up before they get to you on your smart device using the Lyft app.

 CAD / CAM websites: <PunchCAD main page. Currently offering two CAD programs: ViaCAD & Shark. Both have different versions/types. Shark is more expensive and full featured & ViaCAD is low-cost with less features. Both save in multiple formats including .step (CAM), .iges (production/CAM), & .dwg (AutoCAD). <PunchCAD tutorials. Videos, text, & pictures. Both Shark & ViaCAD are covered. <Cadsoft Solutions Limited's info about Shark FX. Shark FX is fully featured just like AUTOCAD for about 3-4 times less the price. AutoCAD is overpriced. Shark FX is a full featured 2D & 3D digital design solution that provides solutions that address versatile modeling practices, photorealistic rendering, animation, and precision drafting capabilities all within one seamlessly integrated package. Shark FX is the complete solution for creating concept through production digital prototypes. Saves in multiple formats including .step (CAM), .iges (production/CAM), & .dwg (AutoCAD). <Rhino3D or Rhinoceros. This is the super professional CAD program for engineers: aerospace/mechanical etc. Users include Ford, FOX/Paramount, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, Honda, Nintendo, Nokia, & Northrop Grumman to name a few. Not recommended for beginners, but moderately experienced CAD users would easily use this high-end program. The photo-rendering in this is the best I've ever seen in any CAD / CAM program. Saves in .iges format along with other file types. WARNING: Some add-ons cost a few hundred dollars extra, but these add-on programs are for stuff like jewelry, shoes, or boats. For houses or cars, you won't need any add-on programs that cost you more; mechanical, automotive, architectural.

The biggest difference between Rhino3D & Shark FX is the support for a wide variety of 3-D digitizing arms, 3-D scanners, and 3-D printers. 3D printers are about $10,000.00 USD and really don't print, but make stuff about the size of a baseball bat; a few feet by a few feet. <KeyCreator is a high end, upscale, and highly advanced direct CAD program that is basically like Google SketchUp with push/pull modeling. However, this has all sorts of other tools like that, which can do most anything! A few thousand USD is about what it costs as of 2016. VERY easy to use and fast to finish drawings/objects in 3D. Much easier than Rhino 3D, but due to lack of popularity, may not be compatible with all 'plug-ins' or 'add-ons' from other companies. <CAD rendering program that is unbiased and can work with most any CAD drawing that is saved in a universal/popular format. Best program out there because it's low cost monthly charges; pay only when you are ready to render. Also, works off of only RAM for faster processing, instead of a video card's processor and memory. It's a real-time renderer by making it low quality whenever you move the drawing/model around. Just as easy as Keyshot, but much lower cost with the same quality. Best! <Chaos Group is the company that makes V-Ray. V-Ray makes pictures (wire frame to solid; rendering) out of CAD drawings which are life-like. VERY finely detailed artwork! V-Ray is made for Rhino 3D. <HDR Light Studio. For 3D renderings. Complex and life like professional lighting effects for 3D CAD drawings. Works with many other CAD programs. <Kerkythea Rendering software is 100% FREE! Professional quality, photo realistic renderings are possible with this! Not as easy to use as Keyshot, but far less expensive.. at the price of zero! Downloadable freeware. <Keyshot is rendering software that is around $1000 USD, VERY easy to use, and with excellent quality. Worth it if you have the money. <HGTV Home and Landscape Platinum Suite software package (all-in-one). This architectural program is loaded with all you need: Landscape, deck, garden, home, virtual furniture, bath, kitchen, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC designing. Easy to use with advanced, user-friendly features. 3D designing with material selection. <Professional home design software that can be used by architects. The recommended version is called Home Designer Architectural. Lighting effects adjustment and dimensions editing over Suite version. <Onshape is 100% FREE, and 100% functional browser / internet based CAD! Internet connection always required to use it. A paid version is available ; free version has a 5GB cloud storage limit. Unlike AutoDesk Fusion 360, this has no errors, and is fully usable. <Google SketchUp. This is a 100% FREE 3D sketching program. Good for sketching only. Not good for professional CAD work. <BlockCAD; Virtual Lego building blocks! Great for making prototypes and basic/simple CAD shapes faster. <CorelCAD 2017. No .iges or .step file support, but it does have .dwg file support along with .PDF saving. Costs less than 1,000 USD and has 3D mesh tools. The tools can be customized to your liking and this 2D/3D CAD is fast if you have an Nvidia video card w/CUDA. Plug-ins for more features such as rendering are available from them for an extra cost. <SketchBook Pro from Autodesk. Professional-quality sketching and painting capabilities. Works with tablet PCs, laptops, desktops, and Apple Ipads too. It has manufacturing capabilities. Pen based interaction with Tablet PCs. <3D mouse for simultaneous use with a regular mouse that is scroll wheel or trackball type. This 3D mouse comes in different shapes and abilities (as well as prices) to accommodate many different users needs/demands. I recommend the SpaceNavigator for most users. <3D mouse like the one above. This one has different keys/buttons and compatibility to certain software programs (apps).

 Gaming sites: <Game Debate is about new PC game release dates ; when new PC games are coming out and available to buy. Also, hardware vs. / comparisons. <Cool site! Full of reviews of not just new PC games, but game console games
(such as Xbox), phone games (such as Iphone), TV shows, & movies. Trailers/videos and pics. <Popular gaming websites. Listed in order. <FREE online games. Easier/simple games with/in a few different languages. <GOG is a dedicated website for old PC games to work on new PCs. They sell them. <Steam. Software store focused on games. Steam is also an online gaming platform. Sales and gamer communication. <Valve. The software company that made Steam. <PC game ratings. Mostly having to do with safeguarding kids.

Recommended PC game lists: 

 Created in 2012 with new & old PC games.

 Both MS-DOS & Windows based games. <2015 video game list (8 games)

VR / virtual reality products: <Vuzix offers a popular product with top-of-the-line compatibility at an affordable price. They sell 3D VR glasses & related products. <A different kind of VR headset is offered by Oculus. It's called the Rift & it covers a users face to reduce unwanted distractions in the real world. Mostly aimed at PC gamers. <Ilixco, Inc. offers stereoscopic 3D HMD (head-mounted-displays). This company is one of the oldest -which is probably BOTH a good thing & a bad thing. <eMagin Z800 3DVisor has a unique design. Possibly preferrable with some PC users. 360-degree head tracking, 800 x 600 res., 2D/3D, & full color are notable features. <Microsoft Kinect for PCs! Compatible only with software that supports it. <3D Glasses that you can use on a regular monitor (2D) to view any 3D images you see on your (2D) screen which look like weird colored and offset images (or videos). 2D to 3D conversion glasses. <Stambol Studios rendering and animation VR app. For architectural, industrial, marketing/presentation, and other VR purposes. <HTC Vive VR headset. Works with Valve SteamVR compatible games, Sony PlaystationVR, Unity game engine, and some others as well. Looks cool, and not as bulky as what the Oculus Rift VR headset looks like. Around 1,000 x 1,000 res. per eye. <Viveport is a website that sells programs that work with the HTC Vive VR headset. <VR programs for sale for several different VR headsets/glasses/helmets and from several different software companies.

 Shipping sites: <United States Postal Service. Useful for tracking shipments. <FedEx's website. Useful for tracking shipments.

 Mobile broadband & Satellite Internet (ISP) sites: <Internet / WWW service using satellites. FASTEST AVERAGE download speeds on the market! Different speeds/packages available. <Exede is a satellite ISP who has the world's fastest speeds (as of 2016) and fair pricing, with a boost service to give 2x the normal speed of sat. internet connections. <T-Mobile offers cell phone AND 3G/4G mobile broadband for your laptop or tablet PC using a USB modem. Get access to the internet most places in the world! <Main T-Mobile website. Cell phones are their specialty. <3G Watches. All-in-one smart watch! Phone, watch, cam, email/basic browser, and works with any SIM card world wide!

 Other PC related websites of interest: <Razer is focused on hardware and software products for gamers. <PC Magazine's website <PC World's list of 112 best FREE downloads, mostly utility type of programs. My favorite one is called Portable Ubuntu Remix: Runs Linux apps on your Windows machine. <The newest, most interesting stuff in humanity! First looks and reviews. <Contour ShuttleXpress is a great product fit for those either doing video editing and/or animation. This extra mouse has a jog and shuttle feature which makes it easy to move through your video for frequent edits or per frame views. Not for CAD as it is not smooth scrolling though. <Who Is domain name information look up site. See the owners, and sometimes their contact info., of certain domains/websites. <Super Circuits. They sell security cameras; CCTV and DVRs. <WebEasy Hosting Services. Easy and reliable website hosting. Unlimited webite hosting, unlimited domains allowed, FREE domain transfer, and FREE website builder. <Energy Star; energy savings label. 
Click on PRODUCTS for some good info. <Movie Theater website including information on the latest audio/video cinema technology. Latest hit movies and some new movies with 3D viewing too! <Odeon Cinemas - The Lounge in the U.K. 18+ type of movie theater; really awesome! <Reviews and news about video cameras. Also, related subjects such as how-to articles and such. Great for the professional or semi-pro videographer who wants to get even better and/or stay on top of the latest news/info. <PCPartPicker is a website where you can make any customized PC setup and know exactly how much you have to spend to buy the whole setup/system. You can pick exactly most any PC hardware currently out on the market.






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